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 ====== Apache PHP- FPM- Serverguide ====== ====== Apache PHP- FPM- Serverguide ======
 +Note: The here explained way of setting up a webserver is very performant plus very slim and basic and may still be a very good way if your machine is old and/or your ressources are low and you want to deliver solid, fast and small services based on native distribution- liked builds. But it needs some manual maintanance and a well working, full featured Linux- Distribution, delivering all those Services (Apache, php, fpm, mysql) as binary build packages. As complexity raises and more services are build up on that server, you may run into high maintainance loads and the need to spend a lot of time to configure more and more services always having the complexity in mind.
 +For example: if you want to make those Services available on the internet, you should definitively want to make webservices SSL- secured. Getting automatic SSL- Certificates and renew them in a good way, will work if you know how to set it up, but the setup is just another thing to care about.
 +So nowadays there are solutions to make complexity for that more handy which would be e.g. using Docker or Podman - which would be another, very different approach for large system, delivering a full, extremly powerful service- infrastructure in a pre- build way (it also delivers apache with php-fpm and automatic ssl-acme-challanges out of the box in many packages!).
 +So if you plan to set up a new fully flagged Server which will have many needed services, don't use this setup. Just after installation go straight into installing and setting up e.g. Docker and go on and use it for all services you can find there.
 +So this for me is deprecated as i bought a new server here. I won't spend any time here. If you wann know more about nowadays setups, feel free and write a mail to me, maybe i will deliver docs to this than. HF and GL obel1x
 ===== Howto setup a LAMP-Server in 2018 - 2020+ ===== ===== Howto setup a LAMP-Server in 2018 - 2020+ =====
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