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content:docker_nextcloud_phpfpm [2023/05/02 20:19] Danielcontent:docker_nextcloud_phpfpm [2023/10/01 10:35] (aktuell) – [Nextcloud installieren mit Docker ohne Services] Daniel
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 ====== Nextcloud installieren mit Docker ohne Services ====== ====== Nextcloud installieren mit Docker ohne Services ======
-Dies ist ein einfaches Setup:+Note for english speakers: this is german as by time of writing i decided to do so. It's a working draft with hints but don't expect a full howto guide. Maybe i will write a new one including full flagged Server- Setup. Util then, this is all you will find here. 
 +BTW: Two things to consider before reading this: 
 +  - Portainer does have an own yaml- editor integrated in Stack -Management, which is quite nice to use and makes it easier to start and stop services in larger setups. So don't creat yaml- files on your own, but put the contents in a new stack in the editor there (and make a backup of you portainer- volume!) 
 +  - Nextcloud itself is very powerfull, but gets even really explosive using all of its features! The NC- Devs make it easy to install all of them in one step using [[https://github.com/nextcloud/all-in-one|https://github.com/nextcloud/all-in-one]] - check out this mind- blowing experience if your server is fast enough! 
 +===== Vorwort ===== 
 +Dies ist ein einfaches Setup. Nach der Installation von docker, kann folgendes gemacht werden. 
 +Achtung: Docker.service und Containerd.service zusammen funktionieren NICHT ! Sollte Docker einfach nicht starten: 
 +"Yes, that was the problem. Ran ''systemctl disable containerd''  then rebooted and docker started as it should." [[https://forums.opensuse.org/t/docker-not-running-on-startup-can-run-manually/166056/7|Link]] 
 ===== Docker+Portainer zum Laufen bekommen ===== ===== Docker+Portainer zum Laufen bekommen =====
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