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Docker: Dokuwiki

To have a small and nice Wiki running, i am using Dokuwiki.

I would not recommend to bind the wiki directly to the internet, but rather use Caddy for setting up SSL (see other section here) and to proxy the requests, so i will not open SSL port in this container.

To go for Dokuwiki: Create a folder in your Composer- Directory named e.g. „dokuwiki“. Place the file docker-compose.yml in it with the Content:

    image: docker.io/bitnami/dokuwiki:latest
    restart: always
      - DOKUWIKI_PASSWORD=SomeSecretPassword
      - PHP_EXPOSE_PHP=false
      test: "curl hostname:8079"
      interval: "60s"
      timeout: "3s"
      start_period: "5s"
      retries: 3
      - '8079:8079'
      - dokuwiki_data:/bitnami/dokuwiki


Replace hostname by your hostname and make some good password.

Start it in the directory with docker compose up -d

Try if it works using http://hostname:8079

You are set!

By Default, everyone can Upload/Edit everything even without logon. If you don't want to have nice pages created by nice bots in the internet: quickly logon to dokuwki with your user and password given above and then got to: http://hostname:8079/start?do=admin&page=acl

Change the permission for User/Group @All on Page * to Read or None and select Update.

After that, the dokuwiki will be a little more secure.

For everything else visit: https://hub.docker.com/r/bitnami/dokuwiki and for some basics https://docs.bitnami.com/general/apps/dokuwiki/

Thats all

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